About Me, Jeff

My favorite meal has always been breakfast - and the weekend breakfast is my favorite to share with my kids. Breakfast is often under appreciated, rushed, eaten on the run or skipped. With our ever expanding busy lives the weekend breakfast has become our family meal. My girls are open and sharing of their world and always very lively, which now I realize could be too much maple syrup and powdered sugar. This is my journey raising two teenage girls through our weekend breakfasts and the ever changing landscapes of their lives . For more insight please read my Welcome to Lets Breakfast post.

I started cooking as a way to stay connected to my siblings and cousins after college. Most of us found our way into New York City and once a month we would get together at someones apartment, the one caveat was that you had to cook. The evenings were fun and the meals were mostly edible and sometimes not but never got in the way of our fun. As my career in finance started to take bloom I found the quiet of the kitchen became my sanctuary.  As an equity trader for a Wall Street Bank, where I spent my days shouting, screaming and making split second decisions, I enjoyed the serenity and ??? that cooking provided .  Today, I am a single divorced dad and soigneur of two teenage girls.  We split our time between NYC and Bucks County, PA., where I am either cooking, cycling, picking up towels off the floor or expertly rolling polo wraps for my daughters ponies and horses as they compete on the equestrian circuit. Please pull up a chair and enjoy a meal with us.