Welcome to Let's Breakfast

You can't drive a car without gasoline!

I am not sure how many times I have said this to Juliette and Lila, my two daughters. I have been stressing the importance of breakfast to my kids for years, mostly on deaf ears but I think the message is getting through. I am a single dad and my daughters, Juliette, a teenager and Lila, a tweenager, usually grab something quick and on the run during the week as they head out to school. But on the weekends it has become our family meal and one to which the girls always look forward.  I love when I get that midweek text requesting their favorite pancakes, crepes or egg dish for the upcoming weekend. While not formal, it is a sit down meal, where we can catch our breathe from the over scheduled week, share in each others lives, learn and have fun.

One morning they suggested that I write a breakfast book or a blog. So here I am starting with a blog.  I hope to share recipes and entertain you with my stories raising these two girls.